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       BBC - This Is England launch - Eleven Fifty Five - Coco Ding Ding     





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Check out some of our past projects :

Audiovisual Production (Showreel)

Video content production, live video mixing (VJing), audiovisual / interactive media installations...
CocoDingDing Coco Ding Ding Performance (VJ set) for the launch party

"Made of Stone" documentary about The Stone Roses (Warp Films)

VJing at the Premiere of the Stone Roses documentary by Shane Meadows in Manchester

Premiere of the BBC series "This is England 86": Live Audiovisual Performance

Live VJing and music set for the premiere of the BBC series produced by Warp Films. Commissioned by Eleven Fifty Five.
Toshiba Logo - Coco Ding Ding

Screen projections for Toshiba tablet TV advertising (USA, Canada)

System design and implementation of a solution to synchronise 10 high end Toshiba screens for an add for the launch of the new Toshiba tablet.
Picture from the internet video advertising "I want to change" (by Coco Ding Ding)

Video production and digital advertising for the book "I want to change" (Matt Taylor)

Video and audio production: concept, film shoot, special effects, music composition, synchronisation, post production.
Watchmen movie launch by Secret Cinema: Live VJing by VJ Om Boy (Coco Ding Ding)

Live video mixing (VJing) for the launch of the movie Watchmen by Secret Cinema

Live video mixing (VJing) using video material from this number one blockbuster for the launch of the movie. Commissioned by Secret Cinema.
Universal logo

System design for 9 screens triggered by 9 computers for a Devlin music video (Universal Music)

Design for a video clip of a solution enabling to synchronise 9 different computers sending 9 videos simultaneously on 9 different screens. All computers were linked through a wireless system. The videos were then triggered using an Android Smartphone.

Video production / live video mixing (VJing) for a subsidiary of NewsCorp (NDS)

Digital video content production, VJing (live video mixing) with cameras. Video content production inspired by Avatar. Commissioned by NDS, a subsidiary of NewsCorp (producer of Avatar).
Our Home Is Burning

Our Home Is Burning Environmental Audiovisual show (UK, Denmark, Pacific)

Concept creation, production, music composition, audiovisual performances worldwide, tour organisation, partnerships creation with major NGOs, project management, named official partner of the program Sustainable Energy Europe program from the European Union (EU)
Energy Union - Munich - Coco Ding Ding Ninja Tune

Coldcut "Energy Union" Tour

Helped fill up the application for European Union funding. Resulted in a 1.2 Million € EU budget. Part of the tour across Europe (4 persons including 2 on stage) for 2009. Advised on how to make the film become a live performance.

BBC Electric Proms on the theme of Dr Who: Live Audiovisual performance

Live Audiovisual performance with Coldcut (VJing) at the Roundhouse, filmed by the BBC
National Film Theatre

Bicentenary of Darwin's birth: National Film Theatre

Creation and production of live VJing performances featuring dancers and art installations. Live VJing performance: using only cameras, and no previously recorded material.
D&AD 2010 - Visual performance by the Light Surgeons for Chew Lips (Live camera for VJing by Coco Ding Ding)

Live Camera for VJing for the Light Surgeons at the D&AD awards for Chew Lips

D&AD Awards 2010 (Directors and Artistic Directors Awards)

Photoshoot for Nissan with Minister of Business Mark Prisk.

Official photographer at the H2 Mobility conference at the Royal Society (Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz). Commissioned by Nissan.

Corporate video for environmental NGO Global Vision International

Footage from Grece, Costa Rica, South Africa, Patagonia, and many more countries! Concept, script, video editing, music production.